People living with HIV start fish farming for livelihood (Nepalnews.com)


People living with HIV starts fish farming for livelihood

People living with HIV/AIDS in Kanchanpur have taken up fishery in commercial basis for their livelihood, RSS reports.

The HIV/AIDS infected people have organised themselves and adopted fish farming.

The Asha Community Support Group, an organization of the HIV/AIDS infected people at local Pipaladi VDC has started fish farming for the first time.

The group has been formed at the initiatives of a local NGO called Social Equality Campaign.

Twenty HIV/AIDS infected people from the locality have taken to aquaculture after they were provided financial assistance.

The group has been provided with Rs. 320,000 for starting the fishery business.

The fishery development programme for people with HIV/AIDS is implemented in 11 VDCs in the district. nepalnews.com (April 9, 2012)

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