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Esther German Partnership Project

In support of GIZ Nepal office and collaboration between Center for Interdisciplinary Addiction Research of Hamberg University and Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH), Esther project was established on Jan 2011. The project period is projected from January 2011 to September 2012. Under this project following activities are performed;

Capacity Building:

A three-day training on case management, motivational interview and family therapy was conducted on Dec 2010. the participants were from Manish foundation(Pokhara), Saarathi Nepal, Avash Samuha, Recovering Nepal and other organizations working in HIV/AIDS and drug addiction

A two-day didactic training was conducted for training for trainers (TOT) in TUTH from German expert in May 2011. Participants were from TUTH and Recovering Nepal.

A two-day training in ‘gender issues in drug users’ was conducted in May 2011. Facilitated by a German expert , the participants were from Manish foundation(Pokhara), Saarathi Nepal, Avash Samuha, Recovering Nepal and other organizations working in HIV/AIDS and drug addiction.


Curriculum Development:

With the objective of developing an international standard training curriculum on combined treatment of HIV and OST in Nepal, the project is currently working this work. Project team along with local experts are coordinating with German Experts to develop this curriculum. At the same time regular coordination, communication and collaboration is performed with National Center for AIDS and STD Control, (NCASC).

 Based on this curriculum, training modules and training courses will be integrated in treatment of drug addiction and HIV/AIDS. For this a two-day consultation workshop was carried out on September 29 and 30 to develop training curriculum on ‘Training for service providers on combined treatment of HIV and OST’. National experts and stakeholders on HIV and OST services in Nepal participated and contributed on the development of curriculum. It is envisioned that NCASC will endorce this curricumum after which all the OST service providers in Nepal will be benifiated from the trainings conducted using this curriculum.


Detox Protocol Development:

Esther German Partnership Project is also working on developing a Detox Protocal for Nepal. Initially statring with the protocal to be used in TUTH detox center, the project envisions to develop a national level detox protocal incorporating the learnings from the protocal used in the TUTH detox center.

Operational Research on "South Asian Conktail Users":

The operational research on “HIV risk behavior of poly-drug users of the so-called “South Asian Cocktail” is in final stage of completion. The result of the outcomes will be published in a report soon. TUTH, Recovering Nepal and ZIS jointly worked on this research.

Cross Learnings:

Study trip to German in May 2011 was conducted to develop curriculum, detoxification protocol and patient record form. A team of seven members (from TUTH, Recovering Nepal, MMTP Kathmandu) visited outpatient clinic-asklepios ambulanz in Altona-for OST (methadone, buprenorphine, diamorphine) for drug users. 

The study team also visited inpatient clinic-asklepios clinic North-for opiate and alcohol withdrawal treatment; visit of outpatient psychological care unit for OST patient; low threshold center, an organization “Fixpunkt” in Berlin. On the ohter hand German Experts are also making regular visit to Nepal for the purpose of providing technical and capacity building support to TUTH, MMTP and other OST related areas.


Observation visit by Delegates from "Federal Ministry for Economic co-operation and Development, Germany"

German delegates including representative from Federal Ministry for Economic co-operation and Development, Germany, Head of Division for South Asia and Desk Officer for Nepal and Sri Lanka' visited Kathmandu MMTP on November 8 2011. A very productive sharing was done by MMTP, Recovering Nepal and TUTH. Ms. Patricia Kramarz, Team Leaded for Harm Reduction Project in GIZ Nepal, facilitated the visit.

A productive sharing and interaction was conducted where representative from TUTH, Recovering Nepal and MMPT center (medical and social care unit) shared information about the MMTP services in Kathmandu, the way MMTP is supporting the drug users in Kathmandu and need for the future. They also thanked GIZ for providing such life saving services in Nepal.

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