MMTP Lalitpur

Programme Managed By: Patan Mental Hospital, Lagankhel, Lalitpur

Social Support Unit Manaed By: Aavash Nepal

MMTP located at: Lagankhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

Currently Enrolled Methadone Users: 243 Person

Active/Regular Methadone Users: 130 Person

Methadone Distribution Schedule: Daily 8:30 AM to 13:00 PM

Enrollment Process: Any people using drug can drop in at Social
Support Unit [ Sun- Fri]  where our Social Support Unit Team will
guide you through the process . Every Tuesday – new patient will be
enrolled after the detail screening of the individual by Social
Support Unit and Medical Unit experts..

Dispenser: CompareWare, Germany



Medical Unit:

Dr. Krishna Gautam

Patan Mental Hospital

Lagankhel Lalitpur Nepal

Contact no. +977-01-5004004

Email: mmtp_mu@yahoo.com.au

Social Support Unit:

Mr. Nikhil Gurung

Programme Manager

Aavash Samuha

Prayag Pokhari, Lagankhel-12, lalitpur

Contact no. 9818849431

Email: ssu.aavash@gmail.com

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